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5 Steps to Woolworths Certification?

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What is WQA

The WQA quality standard was developed by Woolworths after the Garibaldi small goods incident in South Australia in 1995. It was the first standard to be released in Australia by a major supermarket.

The latest version of the Woolworths standard, WQAv8, was released earlier this year, with suppliers required to be up to date by July 2015.

Who uses the WQA standard?

Certification of the WQA standard is required by food businesses supplying private label to Woolworths. Direct fruit and vegetable suppliers are also required to be WQA certification. Indirect fruit and vegetable suppliers are required to have Fresh care certification.

How often are WQA audits?

Depending on prior performance, the Woolworths/WQAv8 audits are 6 monthly. It is the responsibility of the vendor to book quality audits with the certification body and to maintain Woolworths/WQAv8certification.

QMS Audits Assistance and Consulting

Food Safety Consulting

Woolworths Audit

  • Industry Standard
  • Practice Audit (COP)
  • Production Focus

    Continued Audit
  • Woolworths audit is usually continued with GFSI or Supplier Execllence Certification audit for convenience to reduce cost

Disclaimer – While we have attempted to make this as accurate and current as possible, this is a summary only and does not list ALL of the requirements to fulfil each standard or achieve certification.

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