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We have been in the industry for many years and so have deep experience and thousands of contacts across all facets of food production, food safety and manufacturing. We have the contacts. You have the requirement to find excellent, qualified food safety professionals to fill your positions. We can help!

Trust us to run the recruitment process for you and we will find high-quality, qualified and experienced food safety professionals working in quality assurance, production, quality and new product development.

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It takes one to know one

We can help you identify the type and level of technical capability needed and match prospective employees to your business, based on their skills, experience and cultural fit. We will take the time to understand your business objectives and ensure we find the very best candidate to suit you.

We know how to run a Recruitment Process from beginning to end and as our commitment to you, we are Corporate Members of the Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association (RCSA).

What we offer:

Recruitment QMS Audits

Full understanding of your hiring requirments

Recruitment QMS Audits

Advice on salary and experience level required

Recruitment QMS Audits

Our commitment to understand your team and your culture

Recruitment QMS Audits

Full management of the entire recruitment process

Recruitment QMS Audits

Preparation of a shortlist for interview

Recruitment QMS Audits

Interview coordination and feedback

Recruitment QMS Audits

90-day candidate guarantee

Recruitment QMS Audits

Full replacement of candidate within 90-day guarantee

Corporate Membership RCSA

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Why QMS Audits?

QMS Audits offers food safety and quality management auditing, training, consulting and recruitment for a broad range of businesses. We work with large multinationals,  airlines, medium-sized FMCG and family-owned packing sheds, farms and stockfeed mills.

At QMS Audits, we don’t want our clients to just pass quality and food safety audits, we want to help them to build strong food safety programs and quality management systems that protect their business and reputation – even on their busiest day.

Our objective is to see each of our clients improve their programs year on year.

Our QMS Audits team of specialists across Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane is a highly technical mix of RABSQA/Exemplar Global Food Safety Auditors, ISO Specialists, Microbiologists and Food Scientists, giving us a wide range of technical capability.

We have selected our people based on their sensible and practical approach. We don’t believe in complicated or bloated quality management systems. Simplicity is the key.  During our HACCP training, quality management system consulting and HACCP audits, we encourage all of our clients to streamline and reduce waste.

We have seen examples where our streamlined BRC quality manual was smaller than their existing HACCP quality manual. You need just enough to comply with requirements and run a good, efficient business. You don’t want extra items that are not relevant to your business.


At QMS Audits, everyday we help to improve a clients HACCP plan, document an approved supplier program or perform a second party customer audit. We know the simplest and most straight forward way to meet the requirements of the Food Standards Code as well as GFSI, ISO and retailer standards.


As each of QMS Audits’ consultants have a combination of both quality and production experience, we understand first hand the importance of making recommendations that are easy to implement and maintain, preferably with existing resources.

Throughout our careers we have seen first hand that small changes are more likely to be implemented properly and sustained even on the busiest day.


Strong understanding of Food Safety, regulatory and customer requirements are essential elements of an effective food safety and quality program.

Be Audit Ready Everyday.