What is Freshcare

Freshcare is now GFSI accredited and is used by produce and horticultural industry. It is recognised by the largest 5 Australian retailers for produce. Retailers no longer recognise HACCP certification for produce.

Freshcare Version 4.1

Freshcare Edition 4.1 has been released. There are a series of extra documents which need to be added to your Freshcare manual and they must be completed before your Freshcare 4.1 audit.  As part of the Freshcare training, we will give you an updated Freshcare 4.1 manual.

QMS Audits offers three different types of Freshcare Training:

1. Freshcare Ed 4.1 – Includes Freshcare registration and a Freshcare Ed 4.1 manual. This training is a mandatory requirement of an Freshcare audit. Training conducted as part of Freshcare Edition 3 or 4 is also sufficient, however it should be noted there are a lot of changes which has occurred since Freshcare Ed 3 was released.

2. Freshcare + HACCP for Produce – This is a 1 day course, which has fully integrated our Freshcare and HACCP courses into one day of learning. It is a full day. The HACCP portion of the course focusses on food safety specific to produce and horticulture, unlike our two day HACCP course, which offers more general learning around food safety. This course satisfies the requirements for Freshcare and HACCP Training for both Freshcare and HARPS audits.

3. Freshcare Top Up – This is a 2 hour course. It does not fulfil the training requirements of the Freshcare certification, instead it has been designed to explain the extra requirements for the Freshcare Ed. 4.1 requirements. The extra documents are emailed across to you. A new Freshcare 4.1 manual is available for purchase separately.

How long does Freshcare certification take?

Many of our clients have been able to implement quality assurance programs within a few weeks of our initial Freshcare training and then write up their Freshcare plan or manual after that. They have then been able to undergo a Freshcare certification shortly about 4-6 weeks after that.

What is the process for becoming Freshcare Certified

There are a few steps involved in achieving Freshcare Certification, but it is pretty easy. These are the steps:

1. Register for Freshcare Training – The training includes Freshcare registration as well as a printed Freshcare 4.1 manual. We teach you how to conduct an Internal Audit as part of your preparation for your Freshcare Audit.

2. Fill out your Freshcare Manual – Write up and complete all of your templates in your Freshcare manual. If you need some help, we can help you out with some Freshcare consulting. For more information – please give us a call or send us an email at info@qmsaudits.com.au.

3. Book your Freshcare audit – EARLY! – The auditor will conduct an audit using the same checklist that we provide you during the Freshcare training. There is usually an 8 week wait and the audit needs to be conducted during the season.

4. Conduct a Freshcare Internal Audit – Work through the Freshcare Internal Auditor checklist to make sure you have completed all of the requirements. This includes ensuring your farm is ready as well.

5. Undergo a Freshcare audit. It is mandatory that a Freshcare Audit takes at least 5 hours, including writing up the report. For a combined Freshcare and HARPS audit, this usually takes all day.

Standards for Food Processors

Click on a Food Safety Standard to find out how to achieve it

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