Stock feed and Additives

Stock feed and Additives

SFMCA – FeedSafe Standard for Stockfeed

The industry standard for stockfeed within Australia is FeedSafe. This is an industry based standard written and owned by the Stockfeed Manufacturers Council of Australia.

Each stockfeed business must become certified to the FeedSafe standard within 12 months of joining the SFMCA.

QMS Audits is able to offer specific one day In-house HACCP training for stockfeed businesses, consulting to write up HACCP plan and Quality Manual as well as FeedSafe audits.

For more information – please click on our Feedsafe page or alternatively our In-house training page.

FIAAA – Additives

The FIAAA standard covers feed additives and is also HACCP based.

We can help you out with HACCP Plans, Quality manuals that comply with FeedSafe or FIAAA or both. Our auditors can also conduct HACCP, FIAAA and FeedSafe audits at each of your sites.

For a quote for an upcoming FIAAA or FeedSafe audit or to write up or streamline your existing HACCP Plan and FeedSafe quality manuals, please call us on 1300 404 505.

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