Industry Standards

There are more than 70 other standards that are owned by industry groups and large companies.

QMS Audits is able to offer consulting, including internal audits, for each of the following standards. If you have a different standard, please contact us as we are often asked to write up less used standards which are specific to export or other industries. Click on the following standards for more detail:

Customised Quality Management Systems

At QMS Audits, we are happy to help you prepare for any of these standards and in most case we can base it on an existing template to reduce the cost, other times we customise completely. It does not matter as all of our quality management systems are customised line by line – possibly why our audit scores are consistently high and our quality manuals are concise and streamlined.

New Standards, Systems Audits and Integrity Audits

At QMS Audits can assist you to put together a targeted certification system or a we can conduct an systems and integrity audit to make sure your auditors and industry association are following the requirements. Its a good way to find the problems and fix them before your members or suppliers complain (and start a mutiny).

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