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Meat, Poultry, Seafood and Dairy

PrimeSafe – Victorian Requirements for Meat, Seafood and Poultry

In Victoria, meat, seafood and poultry producers and retailers are required to have a HACCP based food safety program. These industries are regulated by PrimeSafe.

QMS Audits can assist your business to become licensed by writing a small, concise HACCP Plan that meets the requirements of PrimeSafe. Our food safety programs have been to audit many times, so you know they are compliant.

Our programs are tailor-made to the activities in your business – we don’t sell food safety programs that have been written up to comply with every potential food business in Australia. We keep them detailed and concise – so they are easy to read.

All of our food safety programs, HACCP Plans and quality manuals are supplied as an electronic copy, which means you can update and print it without paying a consultant to make the changes.

In most cases, dedicated vehicles used to transport raw meat, seafood and poultry are required to be licensed under Primesafe.

Dairy Food Safety Victoria Requirements

In Victoria, dairy farms, dairies, cheese manufacturers and other food businesses processing raw milk are required to be licensed with Dairy Food Safety Victoria (DFSV)

Dairy Food Safety Victoria will require its licensed businesses to have a HACCP based food safety program and regular audits. QMS Audits has assisted a series of small cheese and dairy processes to write and implement these programs. We have connected them with laboratories to be able to conduct the regulatory testing and supported them through the audit process.

PrimeSafe – Victorian Requirements for Meat, Seafood and Poultry

Meat, dairy, poultry and seafood are all managed by the NSW Food Authority. For each of these industries a HACCP based food safety program is required.

We have assisted a series of small business to comply with the food standards code as well as the NSW food safety scheme requirements. QMS Audits can help you put these programs together and ensure you are compliant prior to the audit.

Safe Food Queensland Requirements

Safe Food Queensland regulates meat, seafood and dairy in Queensland. Safe Food Queensland requires its licensees to have a food safety program based on HACCP.

We supply an electronic copy to the food business of the HACCP Plan and any other documents, such as cleaning or calibration, that may be required during the Safe Food Queensland licensing process.

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