Large Catering and Airlines

Large Catering and Airlines


At QMS Audits, we write up HACCP Plans and Quality Manuals for food businesses selling into the airlines. We understand their requirements and what they are looking for. Most of the airlines and catering companies supplying into the airlines will conduct a yearly audit. We know what the common non-conformances are and what they will be looking for during the audit.

At QMS Audits, we write up quality manuals that address each of the requirements of the Vendor Protocol, other customer standard and detailed HACCP Plans.

QMS Audits can guide you through the whole process, from initial HACCP Audit to answering customer complaints to routine inspections to ensuring your labelling is correct. We can also attend the customer audit, so you can make a good impression.

HACCP Audits

One of the key requirements for supplying into the airlines is HACCP Certification. At QMS Audits we have our own HACCP Certification system, so we can conduct your HACCP audit for you. For our consulting clients, we obviously cant do both, but will introduce you to one of our contract HACCP auditors to ensure there is no conflict of interest.

Large Catering Companies

There are a several large catering companies in Australia who will conduct regular audits on their suppliers. These catering companies have a list of their own requirements. QMS Audits can write up a HACCP Plan and Quality Management System QMS  to meet these requirements.

QMS Audits can assist you to implement these requirements and we can even attend the audit to support you through the process.

Yes, we can conduct HACCP Audits as well for our non-consulting clients.

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