ISO 9001 and Other Industries

ISO 9001 and Other Industries

ISO 9001

At QMS Audits, we like ISO. We really like ISO 9001:2015. ISO 9001 can be applied to any business in the world and any industry. It can be used for manufacturing, real estate agents or brokers or any other business. It is often a key requirement of government tenders.

We offer the following services for ISO 9001:

  • New quality manual for a brand new system
  • Tidy up an existing ISO quality management system
  • Convert you across to ISO 9001:2015
  • Conduct an Internal Audit and fill any gaps as we work through the checklist

We are more than happy to add other ISO standards, such as ISO 31000 Risk Management, to the mix and ensure you have a combined, streamlined system with no duplication.

Independent Standards

There are more than 70 independent industry standards operating in Australia. These include everything from AS/NZ for compost treatment through to sustainable timber and forests to B-qual for honey producers.

We can help you to comply with industry standards by writing a streamlined quality manual for you, conducting an internal audit or we can even help you to put one together. As HACCP auditors, we can even supply you with third party auditors to audit your industry system.

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