Food Service


In Victoria, you have the choice of using the Victorian Dept of Health template or an independent food safety program. If you have a complicated process, the local council will ask you to put an independent food safety program in place. As part of this requirement you will need to have a food safety audit by a private State Approved Food Safety Auditor and expect the occasional visit by the local Environmental Health officer.

We can work with you to develop basic food safety programs for small through to large food service businesses.


Depending on the local council, most food services will be graded based on their food safety audit. By using an independent food safety program and private food safety audits, it is possible to lessen the frequency of audits by the local council.

Talk to us about a writing and implementing a basic food safety program or a HACCP based food safety program or private food safety audits.

New South Wales

In NSW, retail businesses are generally regulated by the local council, whilst dairy and meat and most manufacturers are regulated by the NSW Food Authority.

Food Service businesses are writing up HACCP based food safety programs to ensure they achieve a high grading during their audits with the local councils. Achieving a high grade at a food safety audit can reduce the frequency of audits by the local council.

We can write up a streamlined HACCP based food safety program, which is easy to implement and based on your actual procedures.

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