QMS Audits consults to a wide range of Industries

QMS Audits writes up HACCP Plans and Quality Manuals for a broad range of food businesses. We help our clients achieve high audit scores with HACCP Plans and Quality Management Systems that are simple and easy to manage.

Meat, Poultry, Seafood and Dairy

QMS Audits can write up and help you to implement HACCP based food safety programs for PrimeSafe, Dairy Food Safety Victoria, SafeFood QLD and NSW Food Authority or Approved Arrangement Programs.

Food Manufacturer and Distributors

From basic HACCP Certification through to SQF, BRC and other GFSI Standards, we can help you to achieve high scores at audit. For new customers we can also assist you to close out non-conformances and what need to be done.

Produce – Growers, Packers and Agents

From Freshcare through to SQF, GlobalGAP and HARPS, we offer training, consulting and support during the audit. We understand the new requirements for growers, packing sheds, agents and virtual brokers.

Industry Standards and Customised Systems

QMS Audits can consult on a broad range of industry standards, such as ISO and GFSI based standards based on templates to reduce the cost. We can also write up less used standards and customise completely.

Food Service

From basic food safety programs for Class 1 and Class 2 facilities to detailed HACCP Plans, QMS Audits can assist you to put together a small but streamlined program to meet both customer and compliance requirements.

Large Catering and Airlines

Large catering businesses, such as airlines and contract caterers have a series of requirements, often their own proprietary standard and they usually audit their suppliers at least once a year. Get audit ready with QMS Audits.


In Australia, SFMCA’s FeedSafe is the recognised industry standard for stockfeed, regardless if the product is a milled grain blend or a packaged extruded pellet. Stockfeed Additives are covered by FIAAA Standard.

ISO 9001 and Other Industries

ISO 9001 and ISO 31000 are often a requirement for business tendering for government and private industry. ISO 9001 caters for all industries and can be used for manufacturing, real estate agents, brokers or any other business.

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Why QMS Audits?

At QMS Audits, we specialise in Quality Assurance Consulting. We help businesses to achieve SQF, WQA, BRC, FeedSafe, HARPS, ISO 9001 or other GFSI certification – quickly.

We have consultants based in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. QMS Audits has a working relationships with many of the certification bodies and auditors. Our clients can achieve certification in as little as 8-10 weeks.

How Our Quality Assurance Consulting Works

QMS Audits writes straight forward quality management systems that achieve high scores at audit. Our quality manuals have already been to audit several times. We then customise it line by line to fit your business – basically, we do the work.

Working closely with the client, we streamline procedures and monitoring records. We keep everything as simple as possible.

We perform a detailed and thorough internal audit. We make sure everything is covered to achieve a high score during the actual audit. Our aim is to reduce the frequency of audits, by achieving high audit scores.

If you choose, we attend the audit and guide you (and the auditor) through the process. We ensure the auditor follows the actual standard, not inject their personal expectations.

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