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Food Safety Audits

As State Approved Food Safety Auditors, we conduct annual Food Safety Audits for Class 1 and Class 2 facilities in Victoria and New South Wales. We prefer the sensible and practical approach.


QMS Audits FeedSafe Stock feed industry


FeedSafe®(SFMCA) and Food Ingredients and Additives Association (FIAAA) are used throughout the stock feed industry in Australia. We offer certification audits for both Feedsafe and FIAAA.


QMS Audits Internal Audits

GFSI Internal Audits

QMS Audits regularly conducts internal audits for HACCP and GFSI Standards, such as BRC, SQF and IFS as well as for ISO/FSSC 22000. Other standards include ISO 9001 and 31000, CFMSR, Yum!, FeedSafe and Qantas


QMS Audits Supplier Audits

Supplier Audits

QMS Audits can audit your supplier base in a routine and cost efficient manner. Our supplier audits are conducted according to the Food Standards Code, to your industry’s standard or your supplier requirements.



HACCP Audits

QMS Audits can conduct a HACCP Audit for your food business, packaging, pest control or cleaning company, using the QMS Audits HACCP Audit checklist. We can combine it with a Class 1 or 2 Food Safety Audit as well.


Food Safety Audits

Victoria – Class 1 or 2 Food Safety Audits

In Victoria, all Class 1 food businesses must have an annual food safety audit from a State Approved Food Safety Auditor. Audits by the Environmental Health Officers from the local council will be on top of this requirement.

All Class 1 facilities must have an independent food safety program, which we can write up for you. Class 1 facilities include childcare centres, nursing homes, hospices and hospitals.

Class 2 facilities such as catering companies, some manufacturers, ready to eat facilities and restaurants can use the VIC Health Template. Alternatively, they can use an independent food safety program. All Class 2 facilities that have an independent food safety program are required to have an annual food safety audit by a Victorian State Approved Auditor.

New South Wales – Third Party or Regulatory Food Safety Audits

In NSW, food safety audits are required on an annual basis by a NSW state approved food safety auditor for Aged Care, Hospitals, Hospices and Meals on Wheels. Childcare centres are not required to have regular audits.

The facility must apply to move across to the Third-party Auditing system. Approval is granted if the facility has a history of mostly A or B Scores for their previous food safety audits.

QMS Audits can help you to move across to the third party system and hen conduct regular food safety audits to comply with NSW Food Authority auditing requirements.

Common checks at a Food Safety Audit

  • Food Safety Program – this must be kept on the premises at all times
  • Cleanliness of food preparation areas
  • How well maintained your food premises is
  • Potential sources of contamination and cross contamination
  • Layout, space and flow of food in your kitchen
  • Expiry dates of food in your fridges and chillers
  • How well records have been completed and retained
  • How well your food safety program has been implemented and complied with

Food Safety Programs

We can write up a food safety program for Class 1 or Class 2 food businesses. We will visit your food premises and understand exactly what your business does. Then we write a food safety program that is simple to manage and helps you pass food safety audits. We issue you a Certificate of Adequacy and prepare you for a food safety audit.


What are the requirements for a FeedSafe audit?

New members of FeedSafe®(SFMCA) have 12 months to become FeedSafe® certified. New members are not allowed to display the FeedSafe logo until certification has been achieved.

The FeedSafe®Audit will be conducted using the FeedSafe®Checklist and the Code of Conduct. Both of these documents can be  sourced from the Stockfeed Manufacturers Council of Australia (SFMCA).

QMS Audits will send you a copy of these documents if you engage us to conduct the FeedSafe audit.

What is the frequency of a FeedSafe audit?

Once certified, FeedSafe® Audits are required every 12 months. Full members must be re-certified within 3 months of their audit anniversary or their membership will cease.

Food Ingredients and Additives Association (FIAAA) audits occur 12 monthly.

What is your approach to auditing FeedSafe audits?

We have been involved with many FeedSafe accredited companies, including during their first time audits.

We understand the requirements of stockfeed, most importantly we understand that the requirements for stockfeed are not the same for a food business – which is a common trap we see in some auditors.

We are very practical and sensible in our approach.

Internal Audits

Thorough Internal Audits are essential for High Audit Scores

Internal Audits are a dress rehearsal for an upcoming audit. At QMS Audits we believe thorough internal audits are essential for achieving high audit scores.

In some ways an internal audit is a bit like a practice exam. We will get the checklist from the auditor or certification body, which is similar to seeing the exam paper. We make sure you have evidence to comply with each requirement in the checklist.

Some clients are happy for an audit report that gives them a list of all of the gaps they have to fill, other clients pause the audit, whilst we fill the gap, then 20 minutes later we are back into it again. Regardless, its a productive internal audit that is essential for filling the gaps, collecting the evidence and achieving high audit scores.

Can you conduct internal audits for GFSI Standards such as BRC or SQF?

We conduct internal audits on all standards, especially GFSI audits, such as BRC, SQF, IFS and FSSC 22000. Other standards for internal audits include Yum!, Q Catering, Supplier Excellence (WQA) and CFMSR (Coles).

Internal audits can also be conducted on ISO 9001 and ISO 31000.

Gap Audits

If you are moving from one standard to another, then we can conduct a GAP audit as well, so you know how much work would be involved in moving across.

Supplier Audits

Regular audits of your suppliers can ensure your raw materials are safe and suitable for consumption and do not pose a risk to your business.

QMS Audits can audit your customer base for you on a regular basis. The audit can be based on your own requirements, the Food Standards Code or the QMS Audits HACCP Certification checklist.

Working with us, we put together a checklist of requirements (alternatively you can use one of ours) that will demonstrate an understanding of how strong the supplier’s day-to-day processes are and how well their food safety program and quality management system is actually working.

QMS Audits’ objective, when working with one of your suppliers is to help them to improve their food safety and quality management systems. We work in a constructive and friendly manner. At QMS Audits, we strongly believe food safety starts on the production floor, not in the quality office amongst the monitoring records.

HACCP Audits

Industry Recognised HACCP Audits

Our HACCP Certification audits are widely recognised throughout industry.  We have conducted HACCP Audits for a wide range of food businesses from catering facilities supplying into airlines to manufacturers supplying into  independent retailers and larger manufacturers. We also conduct HACCP audits for Pest Control, Cleaning and other businesses supporting the food industry.

All of our HACCP certified businesses have access to our licensed HACCP Certification trademark for use on their website, packaging and other external documents. A HACCP Certificate is issued.

Practical and Experienced HACCP Certification Auditors

All of our HACCP Certification Auditors are Exemplar Global NFSA Level 4 registered and have worked in the food industry – so have practical expectations of what is required. We will audit your HACCP Program according to our checklist. Our auditors are there to find gaps in your system.

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