Supplier Audits

Regular audits of your suppliers can ensure your raw materials are safe and suitable for consumption and do not pose a risk to your business.

QMS Audits can audit your customer base for you on a regular basis. The audit can be based on your own requirements, the Food Standards Code or the QMS Audits HACCP Certification checklist.

Working with us, we put together a checklist of requirements (alternatively you can use one of ours) that will demonstrate an understanding of how strong the supplier’s day-to-day processes are and how well their food safety program and quality management system is actually working.

QMS Audits’ objective, when working with one of your suppliers is to help them to improve their food safety and quality management systems. We work in a constructive and friendly manner. At QMS Audits, we strongly believe food safety starts on the production floor, not in the quality office amongst the monitoring records.

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