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Internal Audits

Thorough Internal Audits are essential for High Audit Scores

Internal Audits are a dress rehearsal for an upcoming audit. At QMS Audits we believe thorough internal audits are essential for achieving high audit scores.

In some ways an internal audit is a bit like a practice exam. We will get the checklist from the auditor or certification body, which is similar to seeing the exam paper. We make sure you have evidence to comply with each requirement in the checklist.

Some clients are happy for an audit report that gives them a list of all of the gaps they have to fill, other clients pause the audit, whilst we fill the gap, then 20 minutes later we are back into it again. Regardless, its a productive internal audit that is essential for filling the gaps, collecting the evidence and achieving high audit scores.

Can you conduct internal audits for GFSI Standards such as BRC or SQF?

We conduct internal audits on all standards, especially GFSI audits, such as BRC, SQF, IFS and FSSC 22000. Other standards for internal audits include Yum!, Q Catering, Supplier Excellence (WQA) and CFMSR (Coles).

Internal audits can also be conducted on ISO 9001 and ISO 31000.

Gap Audits

If you are moving from one standard to another, then we can conduct a GAP audit as well, so you know how much work would be involved in moving across.

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