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Do you have a qualified, substitute SQF Practitioner in your business?

With the release of Edition 9 of the SQF Food Safety Code: Food Manufacturing, on 24th May this year came some changes that may impact your business. The most significant change was the new requirement for all SQF Certified businesses to have a qualified substitute for your SQF Practitioner.  In section of the SQF Food Safety Code: Food Manufacturing – System Elements, there is a requirement for the primary and substitute SQF practitioner to:

  1. Be employed by the site
  2. Hold a position of responsibility related to the management of the site’s SQF System;
  3. Have completed a HACCP training course;
  4. Be competent to implement and maintain HACCP based food safety plans; and 
  5. Have an understanding of the SQF Food Safety Code: Food Manufacturing and the requirements to implement and maintain an SQF System relevant to the site’s scope of certification.

The new SQF Edition 9 standards no longer requires a desk audit prior to your initial audit. Therefore, ensuring the site understands and complies with the new SQF Edition 9 requirements has never been more important. You do not want to find out you have misunderstood the requirements during your initial SQF audit. 

Does your business have a fully trained substitute SQF Practitioner ready? If not, we can help with our comprehensive HACCP Training.

SQF Training QMS

Licensed SQFI Training Centre

We are excited to announce QMS Audits is now an official SQFI Training centre. This is a key part of our strategy to further support our GFSI clients, especially our SQF food businesses as they move to Edition 9. Our focus is preparing SQF practitioners, key production staff and consulting clients for SQF audits, where they routinely achieve high SQF scores. Our training is designed to be practical, detailed and engaging. Choose between:

Do you need to update your team’s SQF skills?

SQF Training is key to understanding the new SQF Edition 9 requirements. QMS Audits offers several SQF training courses, including Implementing SQF, SQF Quality systems and an SQF Edition 9 Conversion course to assist SQF Practitioners and quality teams to seamlessly move across from SQF Edition 8 to SQF Edition 9. Click here for our in-house training for 5 or more of your staff.

SQF Consulting

QMS Audits writes up and assists a large number of clients with all of the GFSI standards, including SQF, BRC and FSSC22000. Our SQF consulting clients have enjoyed very high SQF scores for a long period of time.

Why Train with QMS Audits?

All of our training is conducted in a lively and informative manner. We thrive on class discussion. We are one of Australia’s largest providers of HACCP and food safety training. We keep it real and we make sure it is fun. We look forward to seeing you in our SQF training workshops.

Implementing SQF Systems Edition 9 Food Manufacturing

Training – 2 days

This Implementing SQF Systems Training course is approved by SQFI. As a class, we will walk through the SQF Edition 9 Food Manufacturing standard, offering lots of examples on how to cover off and implement the updated SQF standard.

There are three main areas we cover:

  1. Part A – Basically how SQF Certification works
  2. Part B – Module 2 – The System Elements
  3. Part B – Module 11 – Good Manufacturing Processes of Food Products.

Click here for more details and dates.

SQF Training Quality Systems Edition 9 – 1 day

Designed to give new and existing SQF Practitioners an understanding of the new Edition 9 requirements. It is essential training, but not mandatory, for any SQF practitioner undergoing their initial audit.

Click here for more details and dates.

Conversion Course – Implementing SQF Systems Edition 9 Food Manufacturing – 1 day

In our training, we will walk through the requirements of the SQF Quality module and explain the differences between Edition 8 and Edition 9. We focus on some of the theoretical concepts behind quality, enabling a more detailed understanding of the quality standards requirements.

We discuss in detail how to put together your process control project, what the auditor will be looking for and what is the simplest way to achieve a meaningful outcome for the business, as well as satisfying the SQF quality module requirements.

Click here for more details and dates.

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