5 Steps to BRC Certification?

We help clients to develop HACCP Plans, write Quality Manuals and conduct internal audits. We even turn up at the audit.
We get our clients great audit scores so they start supplying their new customers in as little as 10 weeks.

BRC Consulting

We assist small food manufacturers through to multi-national packaging companies, agents and brokers who need to achieve BRC certification quickly. The BRC standard, also known as British Retail Consortium, was one of the first standards to be adopted by GFSI. Its a HACCP based standard – so you will need a HACCP plan as well as a BRC based quality management system. QMS Audits can write up both the HACCP Plan and BRC quality manual based on your existing food safety program. The quality manual is designed to act as a road map during the audit – we condense it as much as we can into one single folder to ensure the audit proceeds as quickly as possible and time is not spent looking for procedures and records. If you are also certified to SQF, CFSMR or WQA then we can write a combined quality management system – reducing the amount of work and monitoring required. We offer BRC consulting for each of the five standards:
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Storage and Distribution
  • Agents and Brokers
  • Non-Food Consumer products

What does the BRC Standard cover?

The BRC Standard covers a wide range of requirements – some of which are quite extensive. This is an extensive standard with detailed requirements around food defence and business continuity.

BRC Packaging Standard

The BRC Packaging standard is used by many of the Australian packaging companies to demonstrate strong quality assurance and food safety standards. QMS Audits has extensive experience from working in the Packaging industry, which helps us to put together quality manuals quite quickly.

How often are the BRC Audits?

The BRC Audits are 12 monthly, unless on a surveillance audit basis of 6 monthly. This is dependent on the results of the previous audit.

BRC Consulting with Multiple Standards

For clients with certification to multiple standards – such as SQF, WQA or Global Gap – we are experts in combining several standards into one streamlined quality manual that is easy to manage and effective during audit.

BRC Audit Attendance

We can also attend the audit to offer moral support and some technical help. We ensure the auditors stay on track. Everything comes back to the standard and reasonable expectations.

Food Safety Consulting

HACCP Training

  • Need to demonstrate competence and experience in HACCP*
  • Successful completion of industry recognised training course*
    *BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8

Food Safety Consulting


  • Written to meet BRC requirements
  • Procedures for key processes documented
  • Production records streamlined and maintained

Food Safety Consulting

Quality Manual

  • Initial write up and implementation OR
  • Rewrite, simplify and streamline OR
  • Tidy up existing quality manual

Food Safety Consulting

Internal Audit (Minimum Annually)

  • 1-3 Days
  • Identify and fill the gaps
  • Must be completed by an independent, trained auditor*
    *BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8 

Food Safety Consulting

BRC Audit

  • Completed by 3rd Party, JS-ANZ BRC certified auditor
  • Onsite Audit (2-3 Days)
  • QMS Audits can attend the audit to support you through the process

Certification for Farms, Packing Sheds, Processors, Distributors, Manufacturers & Food Service

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