Food Safety Programs

A Food Safety Program is required by businesses that handle, prepare, package, store, serve, supply and repackage food, in order to have a Food Business Registration. QMS Audits write up a customised Independent Food Safety Program to meet the requirements of safe food handling and a food safety audit.

What is the process for writing up a Food Safety Program

QMS Audits will visit your premises, map out all of your processes and identify each of the hazards that will need to be controlled. We inspect your kitchen or premises and give you an indication of what needs to be fixed prior to a food safety audit.

We will then write up the food safety program, using one of our templates that has been to audit several times previously. It usually takes us a few days from when we first come out to write up and finalise the food safety program.

The next job is for you to keep monitoring records, usually around incoming goods, cooking, cooling and dispatch or delivery. The local council’s environmental health officer or NSW Food Authority will ask to look at all of these records.

Food Safety Audit

You will be required to have an independent Food Safety audit to ensure the food safety program meets all of the requirements and then ensure that you have complied with the program. The auditor will check to make sure your facility meets all of the requirements of the Food Standards Code.  We will inspect your facility and check compliance against it.

Food Safety Assessment

A food safety assessment is conducted by the local council in QLD and VIC. In NSW, this is conducted by the NSW Food Authority.  This is usually conducted as part of your registration process. The assessments are then conducted on a yearly basis or if there is a report of a food safety issue.

Standards for Food Processors

Click on a Food Safety Standard to find out how to achieve it

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